Wednesday, 19 September 2012

I Smoke Dreams ♥

So much variance I grasp everyday , every moment ... be it with people around , or the nature revolving !
They effortlessly make me low without stepping into my shoes for even once !
But, this has not hammered my love for " i die for " things ...
I try dreaming something with loads of glow and smooth ..

The window pane throws a big light inside my room where I have kept all my li'l and large books ....with the fainted roses scattering out of the pale pages ! and I open my eyelids where I realise .. I have forgotten or I have lost all the smooth colors I saw last night ...

So the unpleasant,variant & numb emotions have helped me construct a den ....
& this shell fades all my anguish and affliction !

Maybe I will feel stronger and happier
Maybe I will leave all the sickness behind
Maybe just a li'l deep breath will make me feel fragrant
Maybe I will achieve the serenity I live for

Maybe I just want a walk around the shrubs and buds ....

This world is a huge white sheet .. I will play with the colors of my passion , I will fade strokes of ambition ...
I want to splash some glitter of smiles and create a Life what I call !

Sunday, 2 September 2012

A goodluck cheery birthday to my girly :)

Here I send love filled in these balloons , wishes filled to the brim in the fashionable polka mug !
and a ladder of success to my Birthday princess "Sneha" ...  

She's an incredible Virgo ... takes it all in the moment :) whats wrong is wrong ... and whats the good is the best for her !
loves life ...
A great critic ..
These 21 years were fun .. awesome actually !

.............................................................................................. I've posted these awesome bling pink ( she loves pink) boots for her via Facebook ..........she's far !

Here's where her Soul resides  <3
Food is her best friend ! Gives her peace when she's blue ...
Makes her dance when she's happy !

To let you all know !
we laugh like crazzyy ! & yes right now I miss her & want to see her :)
She's beautiful .... amazing & intelligent ..

Lord has to bless her with all the best clothes , best food ... best guy ... best Life indeed <3
Happyy birthday to MY SISTER Wondergirl Sheaa !! * blowing sparkle candles*

Wednesday, 15 August 2012


This is the only one friend who totally belongs to me , keeps my secrets and simultaneously shares them with the world in a way !


I just found out Er' de' Parfum loves me & completely snuggles into me , i so love it !!
I apply nail enamels , I play with my brown traces .... I pamper my skin , I curl up my lashes ! .... Same way I have to allocate the favorite pants and accessories in my cupboard , I have to untangle my best earrings .. those I love to collect and never wear :)

Life gets boring a while & awesome the other !

Wednesday, 18 July 2012

My Sky is a Different Canvas everyday !

These Purple-Red trees are too much of a fascination for me  :)
The road jam right in the morning at 6:30
This seems like a painting to me , where an artist has put
random brush strokes to express his blue mood in grey !
I tried to click this picture - no wait ! I wanted to see
how well can i follow the swift fly which was constantly attempting
to sit on my nose ! so I just tried to capture when it was sitting on the
window glass ! (not bad )
Soon it started Drizzling
(I only like when it drizzles , i dislike heavy rains )

I captured some of the views in my phone memory , as these skies spoke variant definitions of colors .. changing every few minutes !
I traveled from Dawn to Dusk by road ... watching a color change say " orange-grey-orange ".
I lazed sitting uneasy for the first 1 hour !
Trying to sleep as well as looking out at the sky ....
The chitterchatter of my sister and aunt, discomforted my nap ! I couldnt help but wake up ....

Later my sister craved for some "mithaii - indian relish made from milk and other nuts mostly "

And soon , it was Sunny !

We soon reached our destination , and boy ! Peace was it ! That house's room had such a
Pretty view .... oh my gosh !

When , I tried to drown in this depth of
the glass's liquid , trying to hypnotise my own
sensuality !
My favorite room

Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Trying to be more Pellucid !

  Since past 15-20 days..I have a much clear version of people around , their intentions , their faces , their language...but I still feel that I lack the sagacity of my own betterment and wrong decisions!

I have met the people again whom i have met before , but I always see a constant change in them .. though they still seem the same forever! 
I pray for my friends and kin .. and others whom i hardly know .. .....The strangers whom I came across only once , and the aquaintances who were once strangers and became the people I know now !

Today, I have written a small note ( like i always do ) for my li'l cousin - sanjana...
telling her that she carries the luck and support of her wonderful parents ..
I hope one day she stands up to their expectations ... after all "mom & dad" are irreplaceable ... & .. everyone is not so wonderfully fated :)
I hope she feels good about what i have written for her .. ( she will read it after i am gone tonight )

I am going back with handful of experiences ,
so that whenever I come back i have something new to look upon !

Thursday, 5 July 2012

Some things just remain Perfect forever :)

Pink City [ Jaipur , Rajasthan ] welcomed me with a hot breeze , the sands dusting my hair !
I reached there when the sun was just above my head ! A noon too hot !
Words are not enough to describe how much care i was given by my favorite aunt :)

I was given the best Lemonade , the best Mango Smoothie , the tastiest home made white pastano !!!

well , those were my daily appetizers :D
Now that i'am so attached to my Blog , the feeling was terrible when the network connections got me mad ! 4 days and no wifi !!?
Sick ~I had been to this city before , but  I never got a good chance to explore the pleasing & terrific aesthetics of the city - this time was it !!
I wanted to know all , about the Gem works , food , buildings , & culture of course !!

The typical Jaipur gem work 
Its amazing to know how the craftsmen make these beautiful pieces all with hands !
Yes , that is all hand made !
The work is so alluring , I just couldn't get my eyes off the fancy pretty colors of the jewels !

My best experience was at "Chokhi Dhani "
A mini Rajasthan in itself !

Chokhi Dhani enterance

This was the man who's Parrot attempted to tell me future by selecting a random number card.
How amazing - everything was so true !

The superb ginger tea stall

The enterance of the main diner !
Okay , to be true , the food was fantabulous

Another view of a part of chokhi dhani !

The Bangle shop
My eyes couldnt take the flash of the camera !
It was pretty dim in there !
(lovelyy fooood)

Pretty cloth shop

Thursday, 28 June 2012

FRAZZLED & TUCKERED out..yet,I feel so ELATED!!!

I had baggy eyes this morning,I slept too late - at 4:00 !
So I had to wake up by sharp 5:00.
By 6:00 I was all ready to move out to leave for Delhi,my friend 'mona' was waiting for me at my gate {she had to come along for some different reasons}.We sat in the car & moved !

Mid way we halted at a random restaurant where we had some light breakfast !Mona wanted some chips and we also grabbed some pop corns.

Now continuing our journey..this girl took a short nap for around 15 min,while I continued with my music and admiring the sun rays outside !
It was awesome indeed :)

We entered Delhi & dropped my girlie at her destination.I went to my cousin's place from where another cousin picked me up [confusing :| ]
When I reached at my "another" cousin's place I saw my sister Buffing her pretty toe nails ... I threw my bag on the bed and grabbed a good glass of chilled orange tang !
After an hour or so ,it was time for my sister's vocal music class & her guru ji {teacher} arrived & after a few minutes I could hear "sa re ga ma....." (Do Re Me Fa ....) .. The musical was beautifully played by guruji on the Taanpura( An India instrument very similar to guitar)

In the meanwhile  I had a good chat with brother .. and soon it was time for him to go for some gymming !
While both my loves were unavailable , I tried to have a nice nap that while.

Half and hour later my sister woke me up and tole me to get ready.She wanted us to go to the near by market to grab some snacks & nick nacks !

We,when reached home,very late realised that the snacks we've got have been exchanged with some one else's order (omg) 
My brother came back & we went to that snack shop to clearify , but too late it was ... it said "CLOSED"

We got back home and freshened up , had some unhealthy food [ AS NOW I'AM PRETTY OKAY :) ]
Now , tomorrow morning I'll be leaving for Pink City (JAIPUR,RAJASTHAN).. with sister dear.

I'am all ready to meet my favorite aunt ( cousin's mom )

Waiting for tomorrow .. i hope for something really ecstatic and enchanting coming my way :)


Wednesday, 27 June 2012


There are times when you just need only one being with you & that is you , yourself !
No one can get you going but you ! Everyone will just let you down , under estimate you  , will give you unhealthy criticism .. but your shoulders don't have to droop down.
 This , with me , happens often.Happened today too.
Earlier I just sobbed in a dark corner.
But a soul,very close to my heart  geared me up one sudden moment !

She left me years ago .. but she reminds of my strength everyday and night !
She lightens my face with courage and energy,telling me I have to keep fighting ..
There's no harm in showing concern for people who don't understand you , one day they will .
There's no point in passing a smile at a being who doesn't " give a damn " , one day they will .

So , I'am learning.
let go off things & situations which just give me pain & let me down.
think twice before hurting anyone
get going in every phase ...

Tuesday, 26 June 2012


I , since the very open of my eyes this morning , have been very emotionally uncertain ..
Unlike everyday .. today I wasn't clear about what I want ?!

I felt Grudge towards some old relations

I felt Excited about some new projects

I felt Charismatic about some people who have motivated me & inspired me

I felt Regret towards undone tasks & "let go" opportunities

I felt Hope for a New Turn in my life .. a new Dawn
                                                                                   My directions are yet to be decided upon !
I need to be more & more Erudite to Judge people & their motives !

Monday, 25 June 2012


When I woke up this morning , I didn't feel the same choked breath as i was feeling since past 6-7 days !
was it something within me ?? or did the medicines work ? well - whatever !
I feel so great :)
The heavy felt sickness inside me seems to be all going away "yayy" ...
Slowly ... from all the sweet milky things i'am shifting onto something a lil more tastier & salty now { maybe a lil spicier from tomorrow ? } ;)

So i didn't do anything much of today .. me & my sister had a plan to watch the " random rebirth love story " movie today .. but the luck didn't work i guess.
we have plans for tomorrow ! lets see !

My prayers for my friend are always with him
Hope everything gets well & in his family's favor

I look forward to something good tomorrow .. a good news .. a good meal .. anything nice !

Sunday, 24 June 2012

Just another Day !

Hi people !
These few hours have not been so very good without "Food" !
I am missing all the Good Juices , Peppy Cheeses , Spicy Savouries and all my Best Flavours !
Well,cant help it now yeah ?! Just a few more days to go *hopefully* :)
My friend Tanya- meaning "very beautiful" (*in french*) is here ... getting her skin pampered at my mom's bridal studio :) we are discussing the flop flick she watched yesterday - which describes 2 people in love,who thrice have a rebirth in different castes & religions !! *too much romance* &* too much typically bollywood *

I here sit right in front of the window of my room ... with a water bottle besides me .. where I also read various random *meaning nothing* stupid and vague Tweets & where I chat with my best brother (cousin) named "Sahil" - meaning * Deep tranquiled Shore of the Sea * ( how serene it is ! ) ... He waits for me to visit him soon !!
We have so much to discuss about { Just about nothing actually }

I have nothing much to describe as of now :)
It feels great to sit at the corner of my room ..thinking & analysing my own thoughts !

Saturday, 23 June 2012

Hopes all the way :)

So , last night was horrible ! I could see some amazing food all around me - but felt helpless as i couldnt eat a thing at all !! ( clogged foodpipe) :(
( I sobbed too , a lot actually ) I'am so fed up of just having cold milky stuff !! eeks !!
Today my sister's friend is here - she is Indian , but looks like a typical  blonde ... she looks beautiful ! ...
I dreamt last night of all my family people singing and playing a musical game .. and guess what ?! Today morning i got to know one of my cousins is planning to join a vocal music class !!

The ceiling of my room is too boring to stare at .. and the books i love dont seem nice any more !
I'am done with my designs ..{I plan to start with my own  work of Wedding Designing }and waiting for myself to get a li'l better and go to meet Mr. Chaitanya - my design executor ! ... I hope to nicely collaborate with him and get some awesome business opportunities :)

My page

Thursday, 21 June 2012

Well ! since many days I did not keep my viewers posted about whats going on in here ?!!
My soul sister went back to U.S. ! i miss her so much !
one of My Friends is so not in a good condition - and i keep praying all the time for the well being of  him and his family !
I havnt been keeping well since a very long time .. My doc does not allow me my fav food any more .. as now am suffering from " acute Oesophagitis " - which means i'l be having only Cold Custards & Chilled Yogurts for a very long time now !! I hope to get well really soon .. as i have to go to Delhi to manage a few fashion exhibitions ! & I miss my fav food !

Friday, 24 February 2012

My Soul Sister

Days ago ..  I met this Wonderful human :)
Her name is Ratna ! .. After a bit of words we shared,she has made me realise " Life is Beautiful - inspite of all the undesired things which come our way "
I have now a Great Friend in her - a Sister - a Guide !
She,in some or the other way,happens to be one of My Inspirations .. She'z the one who Inspired me to create this Blog and share My Views , My Ideas , My Experiences.. I'l make sure that i share the best of ideas & knowledge with people and help this place be a better one !
I love her like a Li'l sister to me ~ thankyou for being there <3